I real­ly like to work with you, becau­se you always try to adapt to your coun­ter­part and under­stand their needs. Also I app­re­cia­te that you deli­ver the con­tent in a way that it is lin­ked to the ope­ra­tio­nal rea­li­ty of your cli­ent and thus the trans­fer into real life can hap­pen. Your examp­les are plau­si­ble. From a Trainer’s per­spec­ti­ve you use dif­fe­rent tools and methods and media to cor­re­spond to dif­fe­rent per­spec­ti­ves and lear­ning types and the trai­ning is never bor­ing or cum­ber­so­me. As a per­son you are emapthe­tic, honest and humou­rous.