In a Coaching, you can reflect your effect on others, how to use your strengths, and you can have a closer look at your “biotope”. Coaching is tailored to your individual needs and concerns.

Coaching has a framework, both in terms of time and content: a meeting to get to know each other, to see if there is a human and factual fit between us, followed by several meetings, in which only your concerns are discussed, and a review, where we take time to see what we accomplished. If a third person in your company facilitates or initiates the coaching, we have a joint meeting at the beginning and at the end to clarify the roles and the framework of the coaching.

We design this framework together. I will ask questions, try to be there, to enable you to grow. This framework can be designed in different ways, and methods that suit you: exchange and dialogue, Sparring, using creative and innovative sources. Your goals and concerns can and may change in the course of the coaching and we adapt them flexibly. We determine the time frame together – or it is determined by your company.


  • Preparing an assessment/development center
  • Designing a role change
  • Filling your (new) leadership role
  • Solving conflicts
  • Having intercultural challenges
  • Reflecting on New Work and agile working methods
  • Recognizing and consciously using strengths
  • Get inspiration
  • Explore insecurity/dissatisfaction
  • Accompany transformation

Let’s talk – I look forward to the exchange with you !